We specialise in type C cavity drain waterproofing. Our surveyors can design your bespoke basement waterproofing system and our trained staff can install the membranes, cavity drains and pumps to ensure that your basement is kept dry at all times. Our guarantees will also give you peace of mind.


Non habitable areas such as cellars and vaults may still need to be kept dry for storage such as residential wine cellars, commercial pub cellars, bike stores etc. We have vast experience in designing and installing tanking systems using some of the best products available. We always issue a warranty certificate on completion of our works.


We specialise in offering waterproof solutions to large industrial and commercial flat roofs as well as smaller residential flat roofs. We are registered installers of Desmopol liquid rubber roofing products so all our completed work comes with warranties and guarantees.




London & Cotswolds Structural Waterproofing specialise in three main areas:

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Cellar & vault tanking
  • Flat roofs

By combining our knowledge of building structures with good quality waterproofing products we can offer a complete structural waterproofing service to any walls, floors, ceilings and roofs.

Fully insured and backed by our product guarantees.

Why should you choose LCSW?

  • qualified and experienced surveyors to design a solution tailor made to your job
  • fully trained, competent and friendly installers
  • free site survey to investigate damp/wet/leaking areas
  • free consultation and quotation
  • registered installers of high quality waterproofing products
  • comprehensive warranties and guarantees

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